History Database Project: Reviewing Resources

As I get started developing a FileMaker Pro database for history research, I’m going through the “Learning FileMaker 16” tutorial on Lynda.com, a subscription service offered through my university library.  But I also want to investigate some other resources that might point the way forward.  I’ll be consulting:

DiRT (Digital Research Tools), a “registry of digital research tools for scholarly use.”

The Institute for Historical Research’s free online course on “Designing databases for historical research.”

Ansley T. Erickson’s “Historical Research and the Problem of Categories: Reflections on 10,000 Digital Notecards (Fall 2011 version).”  

The FileMaker template (“starter solution” in their lingo) called “Research Notes.”

When reviewing these resources, my process here is simple:  I ask, Is this the way I want to take notes, keep track of sources and objects, and plan projects?  Yes?  Great!  I’m done.  No?  Can I learn something by clarifying what doesn’t work for me?  Can I make use of this tool for a particular purpose or replicate the things about it that I like?